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Welcome to Levittown


Syllabication: Lev•it•town•er

Pronunciation: (lev'it-toun"-er)

Definition: 1. Noun - A name given to a resident of Levittown.
2. Noun - A name given to residents of any U.S. post–World War II new suburbs, typically middle-class families living in inexpensive, single-unit housing outside urban centers.


Levittowners.COM is a website for people who grew up in Levittown, PA. This site is all about the great social experiment that was, and is, our hometown of Levittown, PA. Levittowners.com launched in 1997 & the site has been evolving ever since. Over the years, we have been contacted by thousands of "Levittowners" who have also contributed to the current content. We hope you enjoy it.

Rich Wagner -
Snowball Gate & Neshaminy Langhorne Class of 1977

"Levittowners" was the name given to the young, post WWII families, like Dick & Betty Wagner, who moved out of a row house in Northeast Philly in search of the American dream of owing their own single family home with a yard. In post-WWII America, Levittown, PA represented a new lifestyle, in a "modern suburban planned community", and Levitt was the pioneer, offering affordable homes to ordinary people.

Levittown, PA was the prototype of post-WWII Suburbia. It was built from 1951 to December 1957 by developer Levitt & Sons, whose front man was William J. Levittt. The community covered 22 square miles and over 5,500 acres in lower Bucks County.

At the time, it was the largest suburban planned community in the United States. Levitt & Sons built 17,311 single-family homes and the community plan also included churches, schools, swimming pools, and shopping centers. It was inhabited by over 70,000 residents, mostly WWII Veterans and their young families. They came from Philly, Jersey, and Upstate PA to realize the American Dream of owning a single family home with a yard in Levittown.

The houses cost from just under $ 9,000 to $ 17,990, fully equipped and landscaped. Levittown houses were easy to buy, requiring only $100 down. For veterans, a Levittowner was offered for no money down. Homeowners paid around $60 a month in VA or FHA mortgage payment.
Newsflash:  The book “Levittown” was published in November 2010 by Arcadia Press.
Enjoy, Laugh, Remember, …

Enjoy the photos,
Laugh at the stories,
Remember the places.

The “Levittown” Book makes a great gift! It is available from local Book Stores, the Levittown Walmart, Levittown Walgreens, Barnes & Noble and online at Amazon.com

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