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21st century levittown


Gone But Not Forgotten
  The LPRA and it’s pools are gone and demolished (except one pool)
  The Shop-O-Rama is gone and demolished.
  The Exhibit Center is gone and demolished.
  Due to lax zoning and 50 years of remodeling, many houses no longer even remotely resemble the as-built houses.

The Positive Aspects of Today's Levittown
  Levittown still has good housing values.
  Most of the homes and sections are still quite nice.
  It is still a great place to raise a family.
  Conveniently located close to Philly and New York for work
  Access to great shopping and cultural centers
  Close to the Jersey Shore and the Mountains

“Re-Muddling” of the Levitt Houses
There are entire websites devoted to the best and worst re-modeling done to Levitt's "perfectly planned" houses. Here is link to a one.
Levittown Revisited   by Joan Klatchko (how the houses have changed)

Today’s Levittowners & Why New Resident’s Come
While many of today’s Levittowners are 2nd or even 3rd generation Levittowners, many others are new residents. These new residents are in “flight”; urban flight from Philly, economic flight from Upstate PA, or sticker shock from house prices elsewhere in PA, NJ and NY because of good house value in Levittown.

We found this by googling "move to levittown, pa". It is internet blog comments from a Family who came recently for good housing value .

“We moved to Levittown 3 years ago from Brooklyn, NY in search of a house to call our own in a family oriented neighborhood. The prices of homes in New York became just plain unaffordable. An example was a fixer-upper on our block that went for $650,000. The plan was for me to commute back to NY by train. We have lived there for 3 years and as luck would have it, I was able to secure an Underwriting position (as I had in NY) in Philadelphia. My commute is about 50 min. on the regional rail.

I feel the positive aspects of living in Levittown are: Other neighbors with kids for ours to play with. Mature trees & nice sized yards for the children to play. We are pretty much in the heart of Levittown - so it is close to transportation and shopping centers. Many of our neighbors are old time Levittown people (first or second owners from when Levittown was first built). The people whom I have met are friendly for the most part. I can not comment on public schools because my kids go to private school. They love their school better than any other they attended (private also) in NY.

The negative aspects of living in Levittown: The roads are in need of repair - this problem is with the townships. Levittown is spread across several townships and some do not take care of these things as well as others. Yes, the taxes are high if you compare it to the value of the house (Mil rate). Overall, they are affordable - just compare the taxes on a same type house in Levittown, NY ($5,000 and upwards). Some people do not take pride in their homes & do not keep it neat and clean. For the most part, people do - but for the few that do not you can notice. Traffic at times on the main roads of Levittown can be a problem. Most homes these days have 2 cars. When Levittown was first built - people had 1 or no car. You do the math."

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