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the online Levittown Museum

Thanks for visiting our site, I hope you enjoyed it.

See ya,

Rich Wagner


Contact us if you have...

Historical photos of Levittown, PA
Stories or Personal Comments about Levittown, PA
Additions or corrections to our current site content
Links to other sites about Levittown, PA

         ...that you might like to share with other Levittowners.

Contact Levittowners.COM by email

We would like to thank the following;

Levittown Regional Library (one of our main research source)
Bucks County Courier Times (archives and articles)
Bucks County Historical Society - Spruance Library - Mercer Museum
State Museum of Pennsylvania (website)
Levitt Corporation (website)
Levitt & Sons LLC (website)
Levittown 50th Anniversary Committee (website)
Temple University Urban Archives,, Philadelphia, PA (research, website)

Jan and Harry Duckett (photos, maps and stories)
Hal Lefcourt (for having lunch & telling us stories)
Tom Krawiec (for his awesome Levittown Relics site)
Hollenczer/Spatafore Family (for their great Levittown Memories site)
Rita Calzarette (photos from website)
Kathy Sandy (photos from website)
Richard L and Betty Wagner (photos and stories)

We also would like to thank the many folks, and fellow Levittowners, who have sent us hundreds of photos and stories over the years since we first launched Levittowners.COM way back in 1997.


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