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"Everybody lives on the same side of the tracks. They have no slums to fret about, no families of conspicuous wealth to envy, no traditional upper crust to whet and thwart their social aspirations."

Saturday Evening Post,

our home town
PRONUNCIATION: (lev'it-toun")
DEFINITION: 1. Noun - An unincorporated community of southeast Pennsylvania near the Delaware River northeast of Philadelphia founded in 1952 as a low-cost housing development for World War II veterans. Population: 55,362 (in 2000). 2. Noun - The name Levittown has come to symbolize the U.S. post–World War II suburban phenomenon, which first gave middle-class families the option of inexpensive, single-unit housing outside urban neighborhoods.

(map credit - Wikipedia)

Our Hometown Stories
“My parents left Northeast Philly for Levittown in 1954. Dad was a Navy Vet and a Machinist by trade. My mother was a homemaker and later a substitute teacher. I was born in Lower Bucks Hospital in 1959, grew up in Snowball Gate and rarely left Levittown for any further away than the Jersey Shore until I went away to college. I think it is fair to say that Levittown was my whole world for my first 18 years.”
Rich Wagner – Snowball Gate & Neshaminy 1977

In 1954, Rich's parents bought the one on the bottom right, a Country Clubber model in Snowball Gate. In 1958, Amy's parents bought the one shown on the top left, a Jubilee model in Twin Oaks. The Snowball Gate and Twin Oaks sections are about 2 miles apart.

This is the back of the flyer, listing model information and pricing.


"I’m happy to report that all of my relatives were attracted to Levittown in the 50’s. So, I’m proud to say Levittown is my hometown, my parents still live in their original house! I feel lucky to be a part of this great social experiment, a successful one, at that. Levittown offered us kids such a wonderful place to grow up.

My dad’s parents, the Ducketts, came first from Central Pennsylvania (Clearfield) and bought a Rancher in North Park. His sister and new husband relocated too, buying in Red Cedar Hill. My dad lived in North Park (47 Narcissus Lane) with his parents after graduating from Penn State. He worked in the office at U.S. Steel, where he met my mother, a summer worker about to graduate Kutztown. Mom’s parents had moved from Gary, Indiana, and lived in Fairless Hills when he transferred U.S. Steel to open the new Fairless Works. Before long, mom and dad were engaged, married, and bought a Jubilee in Twin Oaks, both becoming teachers. By the time I came along (at Lower Bucks Hospital in 1962), my mom’s parents had bought a nice Colonial across the creek from us in Twin Oaks. Although I took it for granted when I was young, it was incredibly special to live so close to my grandparents, with relatives nearby.

And, it was quite an experience to grow up in a neighborhood overflowing with kids, never a dull moment! Twin Oaks was great because we had the benefits of the planned community (sidewalks, schools, pools), the woods and farm fields to play in. We used to walk right across Oxford Valley Road and buy our eggs fresh from Mr. Breagle’s farm. I started kindergarten at Eisenhower, went to Pearl Buck after it opened, Carl Sandburg, Neshaminy Maple Point, then graduated from Penn State in 1984."
Amy Duckett Wagner – Twin Oaks & Neshaminy Maple Point 1980

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