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Modern Design
"Regardless of which Levittown house you choose, you will be acquiring the latest in modern design with the most up to date appliances and features."

Levitt & Sons Brochure

those wonderful kitchens

“Any home you select in Levittown will give you the comforts and conveniences that take the drudgery out of housekeeping. Thanks to the number of appliances in our house, the girls will have three hours to kill every afternoon.”
Architect Alfred Levitt

Examples of Modern Levitt Built-In Kitchens in the Fifties

Country Clubber Kitchen
(GE Ad - 1957)
This is the exact turquoise kitchen my parents had in their Country Clubber in Snowball Gate. To maximize space, notice how all of the major appliances—including an automatic washer and dryer, automatic dishwasher, sink, 4 burner cook top and oven, along with built-in cabinets and  a stainless steel countertop-- all fit into about 9 feet of wall space.

PA State Museum - Levittown Kitchen Exhibit
This kitchen, from a Jubilee model located in the Highland Park section, typifies the “modern efficiency” of Levittown’s homes. To maximize space, all major appliances—including an automatic washer and dryer—were built into this area. Homeowners could also choose options like the built-in food processor with interchangeable attachments. This reconstruction represents the kitchen as it appeared in 1958, the year that its original owners purchased their new home. PA-Push-button Convenience - Levittown kitchens featured an array of gadgets designed to make housework easier. This text and the photos below are from the Levittown 50th Anniversary Exhibit at the PA State Museum.


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