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Modern Design
"Regardless of which Levittown house you choose, you will be acquiring the latest in modern design with the most up to date appliances and features."

Levitt & Sons Brochure

levittowner model
The first model introduced in 1951, the Levittowner was one story with 3 bedrooms and one bath. It was a totally innovative and modern design for 1951 and came in 4 and later 5 different styles.

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The 1952 Levittowner
“Your home is no better than its floor plan, so regardless of size, it costs you no more to build one with a good floor plan than an obsolete, inefficient cracker box. It may cost you considerably less, since good planning means smart use of materials and labor. On this plan note how the living room, dining room, and kitchen-laundry flow together. Note, too, that rooms don't seem chopped up into tiny cubes, although the house covers only 1,000 square feet, excluding the carport and storage room.

You don't have to track through the living room to reach any room in the house. Privacy is realized with the living room at the rear, high bedroom windows, and the "rest area" separated from the liveliest part of the house. Soundproof sliding wall creates third bedroom when closed. Open, room becomes den. Panels, made of pressed wood chips, slide in waxed wood tracks. There are large closets in each bedroom. Seven big closets make up for having no basement or attic.

Here you see openness of kitchen-dining- laundry area. Fireplace is at right. Kitchen can be closed off with basswood screen on ceiling track. Draperies cover big window facing street at left.

Groceries can be unloaded from carport, entered at upper right. Living room never doubles as passageway, can be entered from garden or hall.

On gloomy days, fireplace is hub of house. Garden is part of room on bright days. The floor has asphalt tile on radiant- heated concrete slab”
Alfred Levitt – Architect (in Better Homes & Gardens 1952)

The Levittowner Model was built in the following Levittown Sections:
  Birch Valley
  Blue Ridge
  Crabtree Hollow
  Deep Dale East
  Deep Dale West
  Dogwood Hollow
  Elderberry Pond
  Indian Creek
  Magnolia Hill
  Oaktree Hollow
  Vermillion Hills

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