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Incorporation of Levittown as a single entity would have been most feasible at the onset of the project, prior to the building of the school districts and other infrastructure.

As time marched on, and more and more money was invested by the townships into schools & infrastructure, incorporation became less and less practical and eventually not feasible.

the town that never was
Levittown, Pennsylvania is the "town" that never was. If William J. Levitt had had his way, Levittown, PA would have been incorporated as one municipality at the onset of the project. It would have been Pennsylvania's tenth largest city. Levitt argued that the four-municipality reality resulted in duplication of public services. But, fears over higher tax rates by residents, and lower tax revenues for the municipalities, was at the root of the debate. There were also concerns as to whether an incorporated Levittown could support itself. Also, if incorporation occurred, the three townships, the borough, and the three school districts would have had a living nightmare trying to regroup and sort it all out.


Levittowners Pamphlet
(1954 Levittown Library)
Early pamphlet urging incorporation that was distributed by the Levittowners civic group.

The issue of incorporation faded away in 1958 when Levitt & Sons moved across the Delaware River to the next Levittown in New Jersey. Levittown, NJ was built in Willingboro Township. After a few years, the confusion with our Levittown, less than 10 miles away, caused the residents to vote to change the name back. It is now again called Willingboro, NJ.

The Levittown Seal
(Levittown Library)
The seal of the town that does not exist as a single corporate entity.

Levittown Lies in 4 Different Municipalities
Levittown was never incorporated into a single "town". It was debated in the 1950s and my fatherís opinion is that it never happened due to homeowner fears of higher taxes and Municipal fears over lost revenue. The 41 "sections" are spread across parts of four separate municipalities and three school districts:

1. Bristol Township - including the sections of Plumbridge, Mill Creek Falls, Indian Creek, Goldenridge, Blue Ridge, Whitewood, Orangewood, Yellowood, Violetwood, Red Cedar Hill, Apple Tree Hollow, Holly Hill, Crabtree Hollow, Oaktree Hollow, Greenbrook, Farmbrook, Dogwood Hollow, Junewood, Magnolia Hill, and most of Kenwood and Stonybrook. Served by the Bristol Township school district.

 2. Falls Township - including the sections of Vermillion Hills, Thornridge, Birch Valley, Elderberry Pond, North Park, Willow Wood, and portions of Pinewood and Lakeside. Served by the Pennsbury school district.

3. Middletown Township - including the sections of Deep Dale East, Deep Dale West, Highland Park, Twin Oaks, Forsythia Gate, Snowball Gate, Red Rose Gate, Upper Orchard, Lower Orchard, Juniper Hill, Cobalt Ridge and Quincy Hollow. Served by the Neshaminy school district.

4. Borough of Tullytown - including portions of Stonybrook, Kenwood, Pinewood and Lakeside. Served by the Pennsbury school district.

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