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The Dream Team
Can you imagine how great the Levittown High School sports teams would be if Levittown were incorporated and all the Levittown kids attended the same school district.

Just imagine there was a “Levittown High” and all the best Levittown kids from Neshaminy, Bristol Township and Pennsbury on the same team.

Can you say state championship?

what school?

A common question Levittowners ask one another is "What school do you go to?" Now this is a fair question since Levittown, PA covers 22 square miles where 17,311 houses were built in 41 neighborhoods, called "sections" by Levittowners. Because Levittown was never incorporated as a single "town" it spreads across 3 townships and one borough. Consequently, there are three separate public school districts, Catholic and other private schools serving the children of Levittown, PA. Click on the logos below to visit their websites.

School District

School District

School District


High School

Middletown Township residents are served by public schools run by the Neshaminy School District. This includes the “Sections” of Deep Dale East, Deep Dale West, Highland Park, Twin Oaks, Forsythia Gate, Snowball Gate, Red Rose Gate, Upper Orchard, Lower Orchard, Juniper Hill, Cobalt Ridge and Quincy Hollow.  

Neshaminy District Schools Serving Levittown
Neshaminy High School
Carl Sandburg Middle School - 1959 (Students: 717; Grades: 06 - 09)
Neshaminy Middle School - na (Students: na; Grades: 06 - 09)
Pearl Buck Elementary – 1969 (Students: 467; Grades: KG - 05)
Dwight D Eisenhower – 1959
Samuel Everitt Elementary – 1954 (Students: 380; Grades: KG - 05)
Walter Miller Elementary – 1957 (Students: 442; Grades: KG - 05)
Albert Schweitzer Elementary – 1959 (Students: 361; Grades: KG - 06)  

Bristol Township residents are served by public schools run by the Bristol Township School District. This includes the “Sections” of Plumbridge, Mill Creek Falls, Indian Creek, Goldenridge, Blue Ridge, Whitewood, Orangewood, Yellowood, Violetwood, Red Cedar Hill, Apple Tree Hollow, Holly Hill, Crabtree Hollow, Oaktree Hollow, Greenbrook, Farmbrook, Dogwood Hollow, Junewood, Magnolia Hill, and most of Kenwood and Stonybrook.  

Bristol Township District Schools Serving Levittown
Woodrow Wilson High School opened in 1959, but it was renamed Harry S Truman High, when Delhaas High School was closed and the two were merged into the Wilson campus.
Harry S Truman Senior High School (Students: 2,085; Grades: 09 - 12) Here is a link to a Delhaas site
Benjamin Franklin Middle School – 1956 (Students: 474; Grades: 06 - 08)
Neil A. Armstrong Middle School - 1971
Clara Barton Elementary School – 1958 (Students: 432; Grades: KG - 05)
James Buchanan Elementary School – 1957 (Students: 374; Grades: KG - 05)
John Fitch Elementary School – 1953 FIRST NEW SCHOOL IN LEVITTOWN
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School – 1953 (closed 1983) Abraham Lincoln Elementary School – 1959
Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School
George Washington Elementary School  

Falls Township and Tullytown Borough residents are served by public schools run by the Pennsbury School District. This includes the “Sections” of Vermillion Hills, Thornridge, Birch Valley, Elderberry Pond, North Park, Willow Wood, Pinewood, Lakeside and portions of Kenwood and Stonybrook.   In addition, some students attend schools run by Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelical Protestant and Quaker organizations, in and around Levittown.  

Pennsbury District Schools Serving Levittown
Medill Bair High School
Pennsbury High School
Pennwood Middle School
William Penn Middle School
Charles Boehm Middle School
Afton Elementary School
Edgewood Elementary School
Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School
Fallsington Elementary School
Manor Elementary School – 1954 (Students: 406; Grades: KG - 05)
Oxford Valley Elementary School
Penn Valley Elementary School - 1954
Quarry Hill Elementary School
Village Park Elementary School
Walt Disney Elementary School – 1954 (Students: 318; Grades: KG - 05)    

Philadelphia Archdiocesan Schools Serving Levittown
Bishop Egan Catholic High School opened as co-ed in 1957. It went  boys only in 1966 with the opening of Bishop Conwell Catholic High School (girls only). In 1993, the two were again merged into the Wistar Rd school and went co-ed again and is now called:

Conwell-Conwell-Egan Catholic High School
Web Site: www.conwell-egan.org

St Michael the Archangel BC (Students: 755; Grades: PK - 8)
Web Site: www.stmichaellvt.org

Holy Family Regional Catholic School (Students: 800; Grades: PK - 8)
Web Site: www.hfrcs.org

In 2010, due to high costs and falling enrollment, the remaining Catholic primary schools listed below were consolidated into the Holy Family Regional Catholic School, which is located at the Queen of the Universe property.
Immaculate Conception BC – 1956-2010 (Students: 343; Grades: PK - 8)
Web Site: www.icslevittown.org
Queen of the Universe BC – 1957-2010 (Students: 243; Grades: PK - 8)
Web Site: www.quparish.org  
St Francis Cabrini BC
St Joseph the Worker BC – 1959-2010
Web Site: www.stjwschool.org

Other Private Schools Serving Levittown
Hope Lutheran School (Students: 242; Grades: PK - 7)
Emilie Christian Day School (Students: 234; Grades: PK - KG)
Bucks County Country Day School (Students: 126; Grades: KG - 8)
Oxford Valley Coop Preschool & Kindergarten (Students: 102; Grades: PK - KG)
Stay N Play (Students: 55; Grades: PK - KG)
First Presbyterian Church School & Kindergarten (Students: 42; Grades: PK - KG) 

Levittown Schools Slideshow

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