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wagner family scrapbook
My parents, Dick & Betty Wagner, moved out of a row house in Northeast Philly in 1954 in search of the American dream of owning their own single family home with a yard. They found it 30 minutes away in Levittown, PA.

Wedding Day 1945 (Wagner photo)
Dad was a Navy Vet and a Machinist by trade. My mother was a homemaker and later a substitute teacher. They were unusual in 1954 in that they were a double income couple with no kids yet. This enabled them to buy the "top of the line" Levitt house; a Country Clubber in the Snowball Gate section. A few years after moving in my mother became pregnant and I was born in 1959 at Lower Bucks Hospital.

I  grew up in Snowball Gate during what could be called the "golden age" of Levittown. When it was still new and there were kids everywhere. We rarely left Levittown for any further away than the Jersey Shore until I went away to college. I think it is fair to say that Levittown was my whole world for my first 18 years.

Rich Wagner

Below is the Photo Slideshow of the Wagner's Levittown

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Richard Ludwig (Pop-Pop) Wagner of Levittown passed peacefully at the age of 88 on April 26, 2009 at Langhorne Gardens. Born to German immigrants Adolph and Lydia (Heydegger) Wagner and raised in South Philadelphia, he was a US Navy Veteran of WWII, a career machinist, a master glassblower, and a proud, original Levittowner.
Pop-Pop provided much of the content for this website and our Levittown Book because he wanted to preserve the heritage of our hometown which he loved so much. He just thought Levittown was the greatest.
He Loved Levittown

Richard L Wagner
Pop-Pop had a lifelong interest in physical fitness and was still ballroom dancing at the age of 80. He also loved coaching and supporting local swimming and wrestling programs. He is predeceased by his loving wife Gertrude Elisabeth (Kuehner) Wagner who passed in 1986. 
Pop-Pop will be truly missed by his only son Richard G Wagner and his wife Amy (Duckett) Wagner and his only grandson Jackson Wagner, as well as by his second wife Florence Kennedy Wagner of Levittown, whose love and companionship blessed his twilight years. 

We miss you, Pop-Pop
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